10th Poll “Want to know more about?”

These are the results of our 10th poll “Want to know more about?”

“Want to know more about?”

1) Brigitte-Diet (51%)

2) Warrior Diet (13%)

3) Intermittent Fasting (11%)

4) fighter Diet (8%)

5) PSMF (8%)

6) Low Carb (4%)

7) Slow Carb (3%)

8) Paleo (2%)

9)  Velocity Diet (1%)

95 people over all

That was unexpected! About half of you want to know more about the Brigitte Diet, we never expected this result!

Me (Wolf) thought of PSMF, Fighter Diet or Slow Carb winning the race. But none of it is on one of the first three places.

Within the next weeks we will publish an other article (with more information of cause) about the Brigitte Diet.


We still try to figure out what made you chose the Brigitte Diet. Maybe you can leave a comment about why you chose this Diet, be cause we would love to know more about your reasons and interests.

2 Responses to 10th Poll “Want to know more about?”

  1. Kukri 19. March 2014 at 08:57 #

    Musste lachen, als ich das Ergebnis gesehen habe. 🙂
    Ich glaube, da will Euch jemand aufziehen.
    Oder es gibt hier überwiegend Frauen als Leser.

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