11th Poll “New Homepage”

These are the results of our 11th poll “What’s your opinion of our new Homepage Layout?”

“What’s your opinion of our new Homepage Layout?”

1) Better (58%)

2) Always perfect (31%)

3) Worse (12%)

26 votes

It is great to hear that 88% of you like the new Homepage layout. It was worth all those hours of work.

A few (12%) of you don’t like the new layout. We would like a comment where you tell what you don’t like. So we will be able to adjust our Homepage.

Together with this poll up comes the question, why did we change the layout? Within the first year of Expanderkrank, we experienced some things we don’t like (loading times, laborious handling, no popular article being shown, etc). After some hours we finally found the right Theme to adjust to our idea. Also we created two new rider “What is Expanderkrank?” and “Gallery“. For out Gallery we would love to get your Expander pics via mail. no matter how old, new, alternative your Chest Expander is, send them in!

We really like our new responsive (to the window screen matching) Homepage, but I can tell you, a few new things are still waiting to come.

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