Top Poll “Expander-Athlete”

These are the results of our 11th poll

“Are you an Expander-Athlete”

1) Yes & I want to become one (EACH 44%)

2) NO (12%)

93 votes

For the first time in our 1,5 years of History we got 2 first places.

Awesome, that there are so many Expander-Athletes and the same amount want to become an Expander-Athlete! So one of our goals is reached. But don’t think we might become lazy now. There is always something to do:Ratazong is doing some extra work to become stronger and I have to learn.

To help you the best we can to make you an Expander-Athlete, we want to know if you find what you want on our page.  And if you don’t find what you seek, tell us what you want to know. We will try to complete our homepage.

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