My weightloss Plan of 2016 – Review

  1. What was the Challenge?
  2. What happend during the past 6 months?
  3. What problems did I have?
  4. Comparison (Weight, Circumferences, Pics)
  5. What happens next?

My plan for 2016

1. What was the Challenge?

  • Lose 10% of my starting weight from January 02nd 2016 until July 02nd 2016.
  • I used an App called Fat Secret (Google-Playstore Link) and noted everything I ate and drank. Yes, everything even the sweet and tasty things you like to keep out of the kcal count.
  • My training was supposed to be 5 days of workouts, 3 times chest expanders and 2 days of cardio. I track everyworkout with Enomondo and my heart-rate-monitor.
  • In addition I wanted to do the 100 Swings a Day Challenge for 30 days.

2. What happend during the past 6 months?

So and so, there where hights and depths, easy and hard times. But I managed to keep up the work and the clean eating although I had stress and very little time. I am so glad, that I finished strong and lost weight. I didn’t reach my goal of 99kg, but I came close to it with 102kg at the end.

3. What problems did I have?

Counting calories was horrible at first, because I felt preasured to reach the goal and not overeat it. Luckily I got over it and ended up using My Fitness Pal 5 days a week, leaving the weekend all free to rest. And this small break during the week, without any kind of refeed, overeating or binging, really helped me to keep up the diet. It gave me time to feel free, let go of the counting and weighting of nutrition.

Time to stay sane.

I had big problems with my workout goals. I set the bar too high. After 20 days I quit the 100 Swings a day challenge, which I was doing with a 32kg Kettlebell, because I felt fatigue doing it. Although there was a time when I was doing only two sessions Cardio for weeks, leaving the chest expander and strength workouts out. On the other had there were weeks when I was only doing Strength and Chest Expanders.

The cardio I liked best was a Swing-Burpee-Pyramid:

  • 32kg Swings – Burpees
  • 20 – 1
  • 18 – 2
  • 16 – 3
  • 14 – 4
  • 12 – 5
  • 10 – 6
  • 8 – 7
  • 6 – 8
  • 4 – 9
  • 2 – 10

10-Minutes-Hard-Training but just the right amount to push yourself to the limit.

My strength training consisted of 2 chest expander workouts per week. At the beginning I was doing some kind of shortend chest expander workout, but in April I moved back to the Basic workout doing sets instead of rounds. Because the shortend workout made me feel like I was missing some of the muscles I have. It kinde felt like doing the wrong thing and as much as I like losing weight, I don’t want to pay the price of losing hard earned muscles!


4. Comparison


  • Weight: 110,1kg
  • BF Navy-Method: 25% = 27,5kg Fat
  • BF Caliper: 22% = 24,2kg Fat


  • Weight: 102,0kg [-8,1kg]
  • BF Navy-Method: 19% = 19,38kg Fat [-8,12kg]
  • BF Caliper: 18,5% = 18,87kg Fat [-5,33kg]

Well, I lost 5,33kg to 8,12kg of fat over the past 6 months, depending on the method. Thats between 0,8 and 1,35kg of fat per month while building up strength and muscles. Solid work!

The amont of fat lost is also shown in the circumferences I measured and in the losing of 33,5cm of total circumference.


  • Belly: 103cm
  • Chest: 118cm
  • Neck: 44cm
  • Hips: 114cm
  • Biceps: 40cm
  • Thigh: 70cm
  • Forearm: 33cm
  • Calf: 43cm
  • Total: 565cm

Final -Circumferences

  • Belly: 95,5cm [-7,5cm]
  • Chest: 113cm [-5cm]
  • Neck: 43cm [-1cm]
  • Hips: 97cm [-7cm]
  • Biceps: 41cm [+1cm]
  • Thigh: 66cm [-4cm]
  • Forearm: 34cm [+1cm]
  • Calf: 42cm [-1cm]
  • Total: 531,5cm [-33,5cm]


Finally here are the pics you have been waiting for. Numbers are nice to read and give a clue on what is going on but at the end of the day all we want is see results.

Instagram-Follower already know some of the pics 😉

weight loss challenge body transformation

5. What happens next?

First my plan is to keep my weight at around 102kg until Christmas, although the stress will increase and I might have less time to work out.
Second I want to break some of my own chest expander records and get the best my body can offer.

Eating wise, I will keep up the deficite and limit intake to 1800 kcal per day for 5 days a week leaving the weekend to recover free of calorie counting.

Depending on my workload I will stick to 2 chest expander workouts per week, supplementing them with up to 2 cardio workouts. Because over all it would be great to get down to 15% of bodyfat.

Now I sign off into holidays and I wish you some pleasant summer days. Use the time and weather to do different kind of workouts (hiking, biking, swimming, walking, crawling in the park, …).

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4 Responses to My weightloss Plan of 2016 – Review

  1. Rid 11. August 2016 at 20:43 #

    GlĂŒckwunsch zu deinen Erfolgen Wolf!
    Besonders beeindruckend ist das trotz deiner Gewichtsabnahme deine ArmumfÀnge gewachsen sind.

    Momentan besteht mein Training zum grĂ¶ĂŸten Teil aus einen Mix aus leichten Hantel – und Bodyweight Übungen. Allerdings stagniert seit einer relativ langen Zeit meine Fortschritte trotz regelmĂ€ĂŸigen Training.
    Hast du vielleicht Tipps fĂŒr mich?

    • Expanderkrank 22. August 2016 at 16:40 #

      Danke Rid!
      Schreibe mir doch bitte eine E-Mail (expanderkrank(at)gmail[DOT]com) mit deinem aktuellen Trainingsplan. Dann helfe ich dir gerne daran zu Arbeiten.

      Sportliche GrĂŒĂŸe und immer dran bleiben!

  2. tscharlie 8. January 2017 at 17:47 #

    Hallo Wolf,

    mit den Bildern sieht man erst, wie du dich verÀndert hast. Respekt!!

    Du hast ja nun einige Monat das Expander-Workout als Satz-Training durchgefĂŒhrt. Was hĂ€lst du grundsĂ€tzlich vom Satz-Training mit dem Expander?

    Seit ca. 18 Monaten trainiere ich nach deinem Basis-Workout, also Zirkeltraining mit 2 Runden und kann mich immer noch fast bei jedem Training steigern (meist 1 Wiederholung mehr), das wird aber immer schwieriger. Mehr Wiederholungen sind oft nur noch mit kurzen Pausen möglich ( 2 bis 20 Sekunden bei den letzten beiden Wiederholungen), also so Àhnlich wie Pitt Force.

    Mit der Methode ist es natĂŒrlich möglich, dass ich irgendwann immer auf die insgesamt 30 Wiederholungen komme und dann den Widerstand steigern kann und wieder mit z.B. 6/4 Wiederholungen beginne.

    Mit gefĂ€llt das Zirkeltraining sehr gut, da ich hier nur ganz kurze Pausen zwischen den Übungen benötige. Beim 2-Satz-Training wĂ€ren die Pausen natĂŒrlich lĂ€nger und ich könnte wahrscheinlich weniger Widerstand verwenden. Andererseits werden die gleichen Muskeln beim Satz-Training kurz hintereinander belastet und ermĂŒdet und man erziehlt damit evtl. einen stĂ€rkeren Trainingsreiz.
    Allerdings vermute ich, dass beim Satz-Training ich wahrscheinlich auch bald an den Punkt kommen wĂŒrde, bei dem eine Steigerung immer schwieriger wird.

    Bist du der Meinung, dass ein Zirketraining mit dem Expander besser geeignet ist als das klassische Satztraining?

    Freu mich, deine Meinung zu hören.

    Danke und viele GrĂŒĂŸe

    • Expanderkrank 16. January 2017 at 09:55 #

      Ich habe dir bei Facebook geantwortet.


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