8th Poll: “Expanderkrank-Expander?”

Here are the results of our 8th poll (September-October 2013).

“Would you like an Expanderkrank-Expander?”

1) Yes (81%)
2) No (19%)

Now that’s an AMAZING result! More than 3/4 of our readers are interested in an Expanderkrank-Chest-Expander. We never dreamed of a result like this!

Why is there no Expanderkrank-Expander?

Rata Zong fret about how to get back to competitive strand pulling (like in the golden time of strongmen). The Strands need to havve the same resistance, no matter how tall someone is.

The solution: Expanderkrank Expander!

No, we ain’t there yet. The solution is our selfmade steel spring expander (Ratazong and Wolf use). It consists of springs the same length and handles that are fit to ones size. Now every athlet needs the same force to pull the springs. But that wasn’t enough. We made the Handles rotating to challenge the grip and forearm. And we made the Handles thicker, so the force will distribute evenly.

But why isn’t it possible to buy this piece of masterwork? We need a license and we need the strand to be checked by the TÜV and that’s very expensive. So, while we’re saving all our money for this, go get stronger than everything else!

Final Question: Why are some people not interested in our Expanderkrank-Expander?

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