Build an Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel Roll Out DIY selbstgebaut

Ab Wheel for Roll Outs

DIY – Ab Wheel


What you need

  • Lawnmower Wheel
  • Metal Pipe, Length: 30cm, that fits into the Lawnmower Wheels Eye
  • Isolating Foam for Pipes
  • 2 Tube Squasher (Is this the right term? I don’t know, please let me know. It is a ring that is adjusted by a screw to tie ropes and tubes together.)
  • 2 Washer, that fit on to the pipe
  • Ducktape

Time: 5min

Put the metal Pipe into the Lawnmower Wheel and fix it in the middle with the washers and the Tube Squashers.

If your Isolating Pipe Foam doesn’t fit on to the pipe (like mine did), put some Ducktape on the Pipe until it fits. Now put the Foam onto the the Pipe ends and roll it with Ducktape to prevent it from falling off while exercising.

This is how it should look like from the side:

Ab Wheel Roll Out DIY selbstgebaut how to

Ab Wheel side


  • Kneeing Roll Out
  • Standing 3/4 Roll Out (Pushup position)
  • Standing Roll Out
  • Down Hill Roll Out

Important to know!

When you start doing Roll Outs, always keep tucking your stomach in to flat your back. Otherwise you will put to much pressure on your spine (NOT GOOD!). Now roll out as far as you can go with your tucked in stomach (for the first time it should be about only some inches). Start with the kneeing Roll Out and keep doing it until you can roll out further and further. Someday you will be able to do full kneeing roll outs.

Now it’s time to step the game up. Do 10 full kneeing roll outs, than step up to the standing 3/4 Roll Outs. And when you are able to do 10 of them, move to the standing roll outs.

But always keep your stomach tucked in and your back flat!


You can also build 2 wheeled Ab Wheels and do tougher exercises, Ross Enamait tells you how to do that in this article: The Homemade 2 Wheel

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