Expanderkrank becomes 2, therefor we do an Advent-Calendar.

The Advent-Calendar consists of exercise videos being published on YouTube. We show you an exercise and you do it for AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible) or As Long As Possible. Post your value (reps/time) as a comment below the videos. We will post ours too.

So during the advent time, when most people gain weight eating cookies and drinking mulled wine, you do some extra exercises along with your normal workout.

Out goal is to show you some old an new exercises, which will give you a value (reps/time) that you will try to beat next year during the Advent Time.

Let the games begin!

01.12. T-Push Up

Wolf: 14/14 Ratazong: 25/25

02.12. Wallsit

Wolf: 2:52min Ratazong: 3:46 min

03.12. Burpee

Wolf: 33 Ratazong: XX

04.12. Sunsalut

05.12. Plank

Wolf: 2:11 min Ratazong: 5:12 min

06.12. Pistol

Wolf: 44/44 Ratazong: XX

07.12. Straight Arm Hold

Wolf: 4:06 min Ratazong: X:xx min

08.12. Calf Raises

Wolf: 123/123 Ratazong: XX

09.12. Tennisball

Wolf: 2:17 min Ratazong: XX

10.12. Frog Stand

Wolf: 16 sec Ratazong: XX

11.12. Leg Raises

Wolf: 12 Ratazong: XX

12.12. Breath to Relax

13.12. Spiderman Liegestütz

Wolf: 16/16 Ratazong: XX

14.12. Hang

Wolf: 13,5 sec/12 sec active one arm hang, Ratazong: XX

15.12. Squat Thrust

Wolf: 5/5 had to stop because of wrist pain, Ratazong: XX

16.12. Propeller (front)

Wolf: 13/13 Ratazong: XX

17.12. Windshild Wipers

Wolf: 16/16 Ratazong: XX

18.12. Scorpion

Wolf: 22/22 Ratazong: XX/XX

19.12. L-Pull Up

Wolf: 17 Ratazong: XX

20.12. Alternating Shower

21.12. Handstand

Wolf: 1:07min Ratazong: XX min

22.12. Dive Bomber

Wolf: 26 Ratazong: XX

23.12. Fingertip Push Up

Wolf: 10 Ratazong: XX

24.12. One Arm One Leg Push Up

Wolf: XX Ratazong: XX

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