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BWE = Bodyweight Exercise

Klimmzugstange selber bauen Pull up Bar DIY

Climbing Rope

A rope to climb or for pull ups doesn’t have to be expensive. Now you will learn what it should have. The right Rope I got a hemp-rope that used to be a handrail and I have been using it for some time to o pull ups and body rows. I also have a rope […]

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Klimmzugstange selber bauen Pull up Bar DIY

DIY Pull Up Bar

The Pull Up, King of all BWE and the Armstrongs Programm will get everybody to reach 10 full ROM Pull Ups. But where to take if not steal it? Do It Yourself! Building a Pull Up Bar You can find a bar for pull ups or an edge to hang from nearly everywhere. But you are […]

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Ab Wheel Roll Out DIY selbstgebaut

Build an Ab Wheel

DIY – Ab Wheel Instructions What you need Lawnmower Wheel Metal Pipe, Length: 30cm, that fits into the Lawnmower Wheels Eye Isolating Foam for Pipes 2 Tube Squasher (Is this the right term? I don’t know, please let me know. It is a ring that is adjusted by a screw to tie ropes and tubes together.) […]

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DIY Paralletes Anleitung Blueprint

Build Parallettes

DIY – Parallettes Instructions What you need 10*10cm square timber, length: 100cm 35mm round timber, length: 100cm 8 wood screws Hand saw Screwdriver Time: 10-20min Cut the square timber into 4 25cm parts. All of those 4 parts need a hole on the top, so the round timber fits in it. This hole is needed to […]

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Clapping Pull Up

The Pull-Up

The Pull-Up it THE exercise to see how strong someone is. Someone also call it the king of BWE, because you need much pull strength and a strong grip to do a good form pull-up. Because doing the same exercise form over and over can be boring, we just released a new Video 19 different variations […]

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