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Expanderkrank Steel Stahl Expander


It is done! The Expanderkrank Steel Chest Expander is ready to be constructed. The Steel-Monster awakes How where what? First where, go to EXPANDER > Construction, there you will find the Link to our Steel-Expander. There is also a new rider in the Menu: DIY you will find the blueprints of our Steel Chest Expander there too Important! […]

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Expander vs Weights

ROM and Chest Expanders

There is a comment on our Video How to train with chest expanders (Rata Zong erklärt) that can’t be replied to within the letterscount of YouTube. So this article should answer the comment as well as help all of you who are not sure about this. Expander and ROM (Range of Motion) The comment on the Video […]

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Rata Propeller Expander Bauarbeiter Workout

The Propeller – a new exercise

The new Chest Expander Exercise is a mix of different exercises, but still it is special and new! Because you can do the Propeller in front and behind your body. The front and back version is nothing new, the big difference to other Expander Exercises is that the chest expander is pulled apart all the […]

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