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Zirkel-Training Circle

Circle-Training: One More Round

Circle-Training: Get fitter every round Who dosen’t know about it from School – the good old Circle-Training! One of the oldest methods to train your cardio and muscles, burn fat and shape your body. Especially in the dark season of the year many weekend-athletes want to train their cardio at home or start in the […]

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Atemleiter, Breathing Ladder, Kettlebell, Gym Jones

Breathing Ladder: Breath free

Breathing Ladders – 10 breaths to calm down You may know Breathing Ladders as some sort of training they do at Gym Jones. Gym Jones, you know, the gym training the actors of 300, Wolverine and Superman. Breathing Ladders are ideal to increase your oxygen intake and calm down your breath in stress situations. Mark […]

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Six Sessions Burgomaster 100% increase

Six Sessions: to increase 100%

Burgomaster: Six Sessions Six Sessions is a program to increase performance for intermediate athletes, designed by Kirsten Burgomaster, Scott Hughes, George Heiligenmauser, Suzanne Bradwell und Martin Gibala and published in 2006. Based on the realization that even short high intensive sessions result in an increase of performance (81-169% within the first 2 weeks) [Burgomaster KA, […]

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How to train with cables

How I train with Cables (Wolf)

So, how to train with chest expanders? It’s a frequently asked question. Just pull the handles apart. Is what I think. But it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Since I started training with cables I constantly improved my workouts to improve myself. You find a bunch of workouts via the Expander Menu. […]

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