The Pull-Up

The Pull-Up it THE exercise to see how strong someone is. Someone also call it the king of BWE, because you need much pull strength and a strong grip to do a good form pull-up.

Because doing the same exercise form over and over can be boring, we just released a new Video 19 different variations of Pull Ups, they’re groing from “easy” to hard. But this ain’t enough! We also put a Pull-Up Programm online that can be found vis the Menu “BWE>Pull Up>Pull Up Programm (Programm from Charles Lewis Armstrong), and we guarantee you will improve your pull up reps by using this program! Of cause you need to work hard, but you will be rewarded with great Pull Up power and who doesn’t want to do more then 10 Pull Ups?!

Write a comment with your max Pull Up reps and if you want to do more than you can now.

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