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Nutrition, it’s a tedious topic every athlete will think about once in life. No topic is more opposing discussed in the Fitness and Bodybuilding Magazines all over the world. Everyone thinks they got the Holy Grahl.

I (Wolf) love food! That’s why I got a little deeper into nutrition than the average weekend warrior. I tried many different Diets and Nutrition-Concepts on my way to the best “diet” for me. I want to share my experience with you and show you the way I went from someone trying to lose some pounds to someone knowing a little about nutrition. This is NOT the Holy Grahl and I’m no Nutrition Guru. I just tried different stuff and kept the things working for me.



This was my first diet when I was 16 years old (too early I know). I tried losing some pounds, just like my mother so the whole family had to go on this diet. The diet uses detailed recipes, movement and sometimes some sweets. The concept utilizes the “Fatburner-Kick”, “Caloriebrake” and “Hour Formula”.

It works, because the tasty recipes are sorted in breackfast, lunch, dinner and snack. The recipes are good to choose from, but the selection is limited by the recipes. If you stick to the recipes you can’t do anything wrong and you will have success dieting. You will have 3 meals a day and up to 2 snacks, depending on bodyweight and activity level.

Who wants to lose weight together as a family, this should be your way to do it! Especially if you only need to lose a few pounds or you want to keep your metabolism active while getting older.

Ambitious athletes may not be happy with this diet. But it’s a good start into a healthier life.

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