Diet-Search: My holy Gral

The end of the road (not really, only the end of my diet-search). I’ve found my holy gral. It’s a mixture of Intermittent Fasting and PSMF, with a little bit of calorie counting.

My holy Gral

As you read before, Philipp Rauscher brought me back to IF. But this time I use a zick-zack-strategy, like the one Juergen Reis uses. With that I’m doing PSMF and 24h Fastings. To keep an eye on the calories, I use a rough valuation from Philipp Rauscher (I’ll write about it late).

The whole week I do IF, what means 16h of fasting (8pm-12am). That means I have an 8h eating window (12am-8pm). Within this window I take in 2g of Protein per kg lean body mass. Up to here everything’s normal.

With the IF I use a zick-zack-strategy. This means I eat more calories on workout days and less calories on rest days. I’m working out 5-6 days a week, but the maximum of high calorie days is limited to 3. The zick-zack-strategy is increased by shifting the macros (carbs and fat). On workout days I take more carbs and nearly no fat. On rest days I use low carb and moderate fat. This way I increase the ketogenic effect on rest days and turbo start my metabolism.

Or as Juergen Reis would say:

I put in the metabolism super charge.

But where’s space for the PSMF? I use it on weekends, mostly Sundays, after I did a full fast day on Saturday. But I sometimes use it on rest days too, when I do not work out. This would be the way of the Lean Gains Program.

What does my week look like?

Now to the core of all that! Here’s a list of how my week is planned:

Every Morning I start doing my Morning Routine, a cup of coffee and sometimes a mug of green tea.

Monday – Training Day (moderate carbs, low fat)

  • 11:30 am: I break fasting with an apple and might have another cup of coffee
  • 12 am: Expander-Training with Core and Leg-Circle
  • 01:30 pm: Lunch (Salad with Harzer Cheese or Tuna)
  • 03:30 pm: 2 portions of fruit and 500g low-fat quark
  • 07 pm: Dinner (Pasta/Rice and Meat/Fisch)
  • 08 pm: maybe another portion of fruit

Tuesday – Rest Day (low carb, moderate fat)

  • 11:30 am: another cup of coffee
  • 12 am: Cardio-Training (Breathing Ladder, Tabata, or else)
  • 01:30 pm: Lunch (Eggs, Paprika, Tomato, Meat/Fish)
  • 03:30 pm: 2 portions of fruit, 500g low-fat quark [this is where the only carbs are eaten]
  • 07 pm: Dinner (Eggs, Meat/Fish, Salad)
  • 08 pm: 1 rip of cacao choclate [I don’t count this as carbs ;)]

Wednesday – Training Day (moderate carb, low fat)

  • 12 am: Lunch (Salad with Harzer Cheese/Tuna)
  • 03 pm: 2 portions of gruit, 500g low-fat quark
  • 06 pm: Lunch (Pasta/Rice and Meat/Fish)
  • 08-10 pm: Power-Lifting
  • 10 pm: Protein-Shake

Thursday – Rest Day (low carb, moderate Fat)

  • same as Tuesday

Friday – Training Day (moderate carb, low fat)

  • same as Monday

Saturday – Rest Day (low carb, moderate fat)

Wenn I do a full fast day (24h) I cut everything but the Dinner.

  • 12 am: Lunch (Salad with Harzer Cheese/Tuna)
  • 03:30 pm: 2 portions of fruit, 500g low-fat quark
  • 07 pm: Dinner (what ever I like)

Sunday – Rest Day (low carb, moderate fat)

When I’m doing a PSMF-Day I cut the Snack and replace Dinner with Meat/Fish with Broccoli.

  • 12 am: Lunch (Salad with Harzer Cheese/Tuna)
  • 03:30 pm: 2 portions of fruit, 500g low-fat quark
  • 07 pm: Dinner (what ever I like)

4 Responses to Diet-Search: My holy Gral

  1. Johannes 20. December 2013 at 11:06 #

    Was ist denn dein Ziel? Wie hoch ist dein Körperfettanteil aktuell und wo willst du hin?

    Und wie trainierst du genau?

    Steht vielleicht irgendwo anders in deinem Blog. Aber ich frage einfach mal direkt nach 😉

    • Expanderkrank 20. December 2013 at 15:21 #

      Mein ziel ist unter 15% KfA zu bleiben, trotz Stress (was grade erstaunlich gut funktioniert). Wenn ich im Januar wieder mehr auf meine Ernährung achten kann (mich wieder mehr so ernähre, wie hier beschrieben), wird der KfA auch sicher noch auf 12% runter gehen.
      Aktuell ist er bei 14%, Ziel ist unter 15 zu bleiben und eben für nächstes Jahr auf 12 unter zu kommen.

      Mein Training steht oben im Beitrag oder immer aktuell hier:

      Montag – Expander
      Dienstag – “Cardio” (nach Lust und Laune)
      Mittwoch – Power Lifting
      Donnerstag – “Cardio” (nach Lust und Laune)
      Freitag – Expander
      Samstag – Nix
      Sonntag – Nix oder Bouldern (kommt auf Zeit, Lust und Laune an)

  2. Johannes 23. December 2013 at 10:57 #

    Danke für die Erklärung. Na dann viel Erfolg 😉
    24h fasten + psmf am Tag danach ist ziemlich hart. Oder machst du nur eines von beidem pro Woche?

    • Expanderkrank 27. December 2013 at 02:21 #

      Danke! =)
      Ich mach es nach Lust und Laune. Es passiert daher quasi nie, dass 24h fasten und PSMF hinter einander kommen. Aber es wäre möglich.

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