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The last article about Intermittient Festhing was a milestone twards the way I do nutrition now. The PSMF was a milestone too.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)

A friend told me about Lyle McDonald, a fantastic person when it comes to nutrition, fat loss and body recompositioning! He’s the one who invented the Subborn Fat Protocol, but more on that in an other article.

While doing the PSMF you only take about 2g of protein per kg fat free body mass. But differently to the Velocity Diet where you take protein shakes, you use real food in the PSMF. Real food, but no carbs or fat, what means you will eat Broccoli, lean meat and so. In addition to that you will have a Cheat or Refeed Meal once per week, where you can eat what ever you want.

PSMF is a nice and simple thing. Powerlifter use this method to lose weight for a competition without losing strength. It is important that you don’t do any kind of cardio while doing PSMF.

It’s easier to do than the Velocity Diet, but extreme are both of them. Because you only eat protein, it’s very important to drink enough water. In my opinion PSMF is only for competitive athletes, who know what they’re doing and really have to make weight. It’s a crash diet, and you have to slowly increase calorie intake after the diet or you will immediately put weight back on.

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