Expanderkrank in the year 2015


Within the past weeks everybody was releasing retrospectives of the gone year. I think the look back is important, because the past makes you who you are, but the look into the future is as important as the look back, because it is pioneering.

A short Look Back

Expanderkrank grew bigger in 2014, awesome! I’m happy about everybody that Expanderkrank helped, every critic that makes me get better and each seen advertisement, because that is what keeps this site running – yes, Expanderkrank lives because you deactivate your AdBlocker on it – THANK YOU!

Two new Chest Expander Exercises were released (two versions of the Propeller).

The Blueprints of the Expanderkrank Steel Monster were published, including some childhood flaws.

The first Advent-Calendar that doesn’t build up you lovehandles was released.

A look into the future

Ratazong (Rafael) quit Expanderkrank. But he will stay active and he will only publish articles and stuff via Expanderkrank. Many thanks to you, my dear friend, for the great cooperation and the good friendship that grew from it. He is still the man with the springs. But all orders will go via an other E-Mail external to Expanderkrank. Price per spring is 4€ + shipping.

I’m on the final spurt to finish my studying (and becoming a teacher for emotional and social disordered children). So I’ll back off until June to make sure I get some good grades. This means, I can only publish one article per month. I’m also working on translating past articles.

There are some ideas, I’m working on, but more on them later.

Now I want to know what you think was the article most worth reading last year? Write it in the comments.

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2 Responses to Expanderkrank in the year 2015

  1. andreas 18. January 2015 at 01:52 #

    Alles Gute für 2015. Expanderkrank ist eine der besten Kraftsport-Seiten, die ich kenne. Ich hoffe es geht so weiter. Der Expander ist wirklich ein Gerät das unterschätzt wird. Ihr macht es wieder interessant für den Sportler. Danke dafür.

    • Expanderkrank 25. January 2015 at 14:22 #

      Danke Andreas! =)
      Das Dir und den anderen Lesern diese Seite hilft und gefällt, treibt Expanderkrank voran.

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