Joyful Holidays without frustration

Survive the holidays – without gaining fat

Every year many people are annoyed because after Christmas, they realize that they gained fat. Than at New Years Eve they resolve to do something good (losing weight, etc), but after a few weeks they’ve suppressed all of it. Or they try to make it all happen at once and fail because of their goal. I know that vicious circle, been in there too. But about three years ago I developed a strategy that works really good for me and since then I’m able to survive the holidays without gaining fat. Plus I don’t have to step back.

Why do we forget about our good resolutions?

First you got to know that holidays – not only Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter and Birthdays – are always a risk to put on some extra pounds of fat. You also have to get known to your habits on those holidays. Are you some kind of boredom-eater or do you have to eat every time you see someone eating?

When you know your habits, you can counteract them.

If you’re eating because of boredom you should switch over to drinking lots of water. At the beginning you take yourself a small plate of low caloric food – normally salad. Eat it slow and chew a lot (+30 times). If you have the desire to eat something, first drink a glass of water or because you’re celebrating a glass of zero lemonade. After that you can eat a small portion (what ever you want, but try to stick with veggies and meat or fish), keep chweing a lot. This strategy will help you feel repletion early enough, so you don’t overeat yourself.

If you eat every time you see someone eating, use the same strategy. Before every new plate drink a glass of water and chew a lot. But you should always stick with salad and some small portions to decorate your salad. Your plate should always look like this: 4/5 of the plate filled with salad and 1/5 filled with protein (meat, fish, eggs).

This is strategy is good, but you can go further.

After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile! Rest, you’ve had it while eating, so get off your ass and out to gasp for fresh air while taking a walk. It’s always good to finde someone to come along, socializing is important and let’s the time fly by. As a replacement you could play hide and catch or do some kind of sportive competition (do as many Push Ups/Squats/Burpees/Plank as possible). The most important thing is to move, because the caloric intake wants to be used!

Not only care and leniency are helpful.

Knowing that there is a dinner or celebration coming up you can work for it. For example fast the whole day and break your fast with the dinner/celebration/etc. You should also drink coffee and green tea, because they keep up your metabolism and helps you to burn some fat (that’s no reason for all you can eat). If that’s not enough for you, train before you leave. The best thing to do would be circle training, because it pushes your metabolism and works your muscles. Basically every kind of motion helps, so get up your ass and to some Push Ups!

Along these lines, joyful holidays without frustration.


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