I am back!

Yep, I am back! Some might think: “He wasn’t way!” But yes, I was away – the past 6 months.

Wolf Back April 2015

Back (April 2015)

I am back!

As written in the article Expanderkrank in the year 2015 I have been finishing my studies. This article is about how my foodplan and workout worked out during that time.

Measurements (21.06.2015)

  • Weight: 106,2kg
  • Body Fat: 14%
  • LBM: 90,4191kg
  • BF: 15,78,08kg
  • FFMI: 26,1140

Caliper-Measurements (mm)

  • Chest: 12,12,12
  • Belly: 30,24,26
  • Leg: 16,10,12

Circumferences (cm)

  • Neck: 44
  • Biceps: 44
  • Chest: 119
  • Belly: 95
  • Hip: 113
  • Thigh: 68

In my opinion I put on weight on my belly, ass and thigh. But lost fat on arms, shoulders and calfs. I also think that my bodyfat is at 16% and not as low as 14%. The Caliper-Measurements aren’t that exact, that’s what the swaying in the Belly and Leg measurements tells you. To measure my bodyfat exact, I will have to do a radiological diagnosis via DXA. This is planned for fall this year and I am excited about what it will tell me about my body.


I am impressed by my discipline and will to keep up my meal plan, although I was stressed with studying and deadlines. But after I broke the meal plan there was no holding back, Fastfood, Fat, Sugar – I ate inappropriate but it was good.

It’s interesting that I kept up intermittened fasting with an ease. Some days I stretched the fasting till afternoon or even evening. Also I think it is interesting that I did not start to eat limitless, because I tend to – normally.

I know you are interested in how my body took that eating. Well, I put on weight (4kg) and the caliper says that I lost 1% Bodyfat (but as I said I think this isn’t exact because of the swaying). The Navy-Method tells me that my bodyfat is at 18%, what is too high in my opinion.

The hardest way is back to my meal plan. On one hand because I feel like I have to eat a lot and on the other hand because I have a carving for carbs on my low carb days. But after the first week the carving is gone and it was worth keeping my discipline. But the feeling about having to eat a lot is still there. Maybe I have to think about my meal plan again.


I kept up my workouts till the 14.05.2015, but with some unplanned pauses (more about that later). My training than consists of cycling to University and some Warm Up Routines with the purple bands to keep up at least some strength *caught caught*

On the 15.06.2015 I got back into training, with the same rep-counts I had in Mai – FUCK YEAH!

Still I have to take a step back at the moment. Why? Well, over the years I learned to listen to the things my body tells me. It turned out to be very exact when I feel kinda ill and have to take a break or step back to prevent illness. I often hear things like “You look healthy and fine, why do you step back these days?” Easy: “I learned to listen to my body, when it tells me that it doesn’t feel like working out.” You might ask yourself how I handle this situations – I go for a walk. Not working out doesn’t mean you have to sit or lay around all day doing nothing, it just means that you have turn down your intensity of doing things. Walking is a great exercise to keep your metabolism up.

If you want to learn more about how to deal in this situation, read the article Cold Rest.

Final thoughts

My goal is to find my way back into training and then to get back to 102kg and 14-15% bodyfat, and maintaining this till 2016. Maybe I will set some more goals in the next weeks/months, but for now that is enough for me.

In the past months I got many E-Mails. I tried to keep up my replies, but there are still some left. I will reply you within the next week. I did not forget about you! If you write an E-Mail or Comment, you will get an answer – promise!

06th of July 2015

06th of July 2015


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