What is Expanderkrank?

…Expanderkrank is a sports project by Ratazong and Wolf..

We are two enthusiastic hobby sportaholics who discovered the forgotten and nearly disappeared chest expander as their trainingsequipment.

Because of our many positiv experiences we started this unconventional Sport-Homepage. The knowledge about chest expanders has to be spread and we are here to help you develop a stronger body.


Ratazong Handstand auf Stuhl

Ratazong (02-2014)

Ratazong started doing sports when he was 14 years old. He used BWE (=Bodyweight Exercises) as his only kind of training. Later the chest expander was added and became more important than the BWEs.
Ratazongs strengths are chest expander training and handstands.
Beside being enthusiastic for sport and chest expanders his life is ruled by hard manual labour.

Wolf Doppel Bizeps

Wolf (02-2014)

Wolf started doing sports when he was 7 years old. Until he was 23 years he only used BWE to train his body. the goal was to get strong without any expensive tools. Since the chest expander went into his life it’s unthinkable to leave it laying around.
Wolfs strengths are Feats of Strength and raw strength.

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