Climbing Rope

A rope to climb or for pull ups doesn’t have to be expensive. Now you will learn what it should have.

Klimmzugstange selber bauen Pull up Bar DIY

Pull Up Bar with Ropes

The right Rope

I got a hemp-rope that used to be a handrail and I have been using it for some time to o pull ups and body rows. I also have a rope that was made to be used as a pull up rope, with a metal ring on one side to hang it from a nail or so. I do not find any differences between them.

What you should know


What will be the main use of your rope? Will you use it for climbing or for pull ups? If you are not sure yet, get a longer one and knot it to the bar – as seen in the pic. It should at least be long enough to hang from the bar to the floor.


You rope should at least have a diameter of 30mm. If you need an extra grip challenge go with 40 or 50mm, but 30mm is enough for a strong start.

Nature or plastic

If you have already been looking for a rope to hang in your gym, you have noticed that there are several different ropes. You should take a hemp rope, but there are nature hemp ropes and plastic hemp ropes. Which one to choose? If you use your rope only indoor, go take a nature hemp rope. but if you will hang it in the garden and leave it there for months, go take a plastic hemp-rope, because it will resist the weather. The nature hemp-rope won’t resist the weather and will soon be rotten.


The trainings rope was a present from a friend of mine and I got the handrail hemp-rope cheap via small ads (1/4 of the original price). Just keep your eyes open and you will soon find your right rope.

Ducktape the end of the rope! So it can’t undo itself during the training.


  • Pull Ups (one-/twoarm)
  • Body Rows (one-/twoarm)
  • Climbing
  • Hanging (one-/twoarm)

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