Life Style Cardio – lose fat incidentally

Lose fat incidentally!

Who’s trying to lose some pounds will come to a point where losing weight will be so slow that it feels like a plateau. But instead of changing and overthinking your diet, you just could raise your Life-Style-Cardio and push your metabolism.

Oh, wait, was that a new term? What’s about it? What’s the mysterious recipe?


Simple and without compromise, if you get stuck, start moving more!

“But how? I’m already living an active life!” might some people think.

– NO, you are not!

How much should you move?

As much as possible as many times as possible! Use your feet, bike, longboard, skates or what ever gets you moving, as long as you move! Motorized stuff does not count!

Does riding the tram standing count?

For sure and if you are not holding yourself it is even better. Become a tram surfer and keep balance without holding on to something!

What else can I do?

Get out of the tram one station before and walk.

Park your car away and walk.

Do a small sportive competition with your friends.

Stand on one foot while waiting for the tram.

If you once start about thinking how you might be able to integrate movement into your daily life, new worlds will open for you and your body will be appreciate it. Because movement is not only good for losing some pounds, it also reduced stress, frees your mind and helps you assimilating stuff!

Want to read more about this subject? Go on and read “Immer und überall fit” (I’m sorry this is still only on german. It takes a lot of time to translate the whole homepage.)

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