Training (English)

Sandow Plus [offline since 2014]

Homepage for Old Time Strongman Books (from Atlas, Danks and Inch to Zass you will find nearly every strongman of the golden times)

History of Physical Training

Some of the books from Sandow Plus Page are uploaded here.

Strand Pulling Forum

The only Forum about Chest Expanders and Strand Pulling

Ross Enamait Training

He’s the Expert for low budget high effect training and motivation!

Training (German)

Fighter Fitness Forum [closed since February 2014]

German Forum about BWE- and Kettlebell-Training

Rosch’s Blog

Training with BWE and little Equipment

Kettlebell Germany Blog

German Blog about Kettlebell-Training of an RKC II


Powerlifting Supplier with super fast shipping



The Black Metal and Punk Metal of our videos.


A Venice Hardcore we use to get some tension in our videos.


Art and other crazy stuff (Thanks for you help!)

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