My FIBO 2014

It is one of the biggest international fairs for Fitness, Wellness and Health that was held on the Koelnmesse last weekend. It was the first year that all of the tickets were sold out, which means 697 exhibitors from 38 countries and 116.000 visitors.

Wolf did it – he hazard into the cave of the lion and went to the FIBO for 9 hours to get convinced by new awesome products and trends.

My Impression

It’s a Fitness-Fair, but all of the visitors took the escalator – lazy bastards! For gods sake it got so crowded during the day so the visitors were forced to use the stairs. They definitely should have read my article about Life-Style-Cardio! I used my step-counter and on the end of the day it said I did 41.000 steps.

The fair ground is huge and you should definitely take your time to have a look around, it takes about 3 hours to walk all over. You were able to get Giftaways (mostly for giving them your E-Mail or a Facebook-Like & Share), see shows and test stuff (Protein-Bars, Isotonic-Drinks, BCAA-Mixes and trainings equipment). You could meet your idol and those trying to become one, take pics and collect autographs. There were ripped and tanned men and woman everywhere, just craving for someone to take a pic.

At the Bodybuilding hall everybody was promoting the best product, the air was pregnant of testosterone and atmosphere was a little aggressiv. It seemed like the best product is the one with superlatives, high-flown terms and neon lights, because the crowds – mostly slim persons that seem to try to look like their huge idols – temporarily blocked the whole way. So you want to get an example of high-flown term? Here you go: “ultra-concentrated neuro Intercity booster”

The atmosphere at the Strongman and MMA hall was much more pleasant, relaxed and finally there were some real Men and athletic people. No fake tanning, but real strength, flexibility and technic. The different competitions (strongman, grappling, kickboxing, armwrestling) really did their thing to this atmosphere.

At the hall of women-fitness there was Zumba and other fitness-classes and they did never ending showings in huge groups. And of course they introduced X-Pole again, THE training for the woman of today. And her man will take advantage of her training, if she does it in the sleeping room…

Functional Fitness, the big IN sport of today. At its hall there were Monkey Bars, Ropes, Barbells and ‘new’ Gimmicks everybody could show their potential. This was the place where people came to show off their none existing talents. Right, I couldn’t leave the equipment untouched and did some pull-ups, nothing special (clapping pull-ups and switching pull-ups). When I finished about 20 pull-ups there was already an admiring crowd gathering to watch me. It’s strange that some people rather watch than move their ass. But you definitely can distinguish those two groups of people on the FIBO.

We have some pics on our Facebook-Page, go take a look FIBO 2014.

Go there again?

Good question! The FIBO was interesting, fun and exhausting. But I did not have any benefit from it neither for me nor for Expanderkrank. It was awesome seeing the Strongmen in action and it was frightening seeing the Bodybuilding woman with backs wider as mine. If I will do this insanity again will be decided last minute. It was fun, it was even more fun when I finally met my friends. And if you are silly, you will find something to make a good time. But I will definitely not go there again for the training equipment, fitness or products.


FIBO 2014 – Impressions



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