How to start training with cables

This article is for all of you willing to start with chest expanders. And for all of you asking yourself how many strings you should use for the first training. The article is also about how to warm up proper and get your body ready for an intensive training. This will decrease the risk of hurting yourself and it will improve your performance.

You should start every training with Joint Moblity and also do the Warm Up routine with little resistance. That’s the perfect preparation for your body to train with full intensity.

Joint Mobility

The exercises are shown in the video. They move all of your joints from head to toe. You should do at least 10 reps per exercise, I recommend doing as many reps as years you’re old (30 years means 30 reps per exercise).

Warm Up

Use a Deuser-Band, Thera-Band or any other Fitness-Band and do all the exercises you will do in your chest expander Workout with 10 reps.

This helps your muscles to prepare for the following chest expander training. Because all the muscles are moved and filled with blood. This way you will be able to use more resistance and the risk of injuring will be reduced to a minimum.

If you don’t have a Deuser-, Thera- or Fitness-Band or Tube, use a single expander spring. It will have a bigger resistance than the Tube, but do the same – improve your chest expander training.

The first Training

Before starting your first chest expander workout set your expander to the lowest resistance. Now train the Basic Workout (Day A or Day B) with as many reps as possible.

If you can do more than 30 reps (repetitions) within the 2 rounds, increase the resistance for your next workout. But keep in mind that all exercises are different and you will improve different. So the number of springs used will distinguish between exercises. It’s helpful to make a chart where you write the number of springs used and the number of reps done. So you can follow your improvement.

12 and 18 reps = 30 -> increase resistance for the next training

The Basic Workout is a two day split program (Day A and Day B). For example Day A is trained on Monday and Day B is trained on Wednesday. The only thing you should do is do a 1 day rest in between.


Example 1 Wolfs-Way of Training (you can also switch the 3rd day of training with Day A and Day B)
Monday – Day A
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Day B
Thursday – Rest
Friday – train something else
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Example 2 Day A and Day B alternate in a two week rhythm
Monday- Day A (2. week Day B)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Day B (2. week Day A)
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Day A (2. week Day B)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Example 3 Day A and B alternate in a two day rhythm
Monday – Day A
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Day B
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Day A
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Day B
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Day A
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Day B
Friday- Rest
Saturday – Day A
Sunday – Rest


Now you know how to warm up before training. Your body will need a week to adapt to it, but then you will be rewarded with improved performance! As mentioned in an older article, I use Joint Mobility to recover from a cold. The video shows all Mobility Exercises I use. When I need to do a lot of bureau-work I do the Joint Mobility and Warm Up part in the morning. This helps me stay focused.

You might ask yourself why to start chest expander training with the lowest resistance possible. You should start that low to keep your joints and muscles from being overloaded. The Chest Expander gives you new movement patterns and new resistance angles. And your body needs to adapts to them, before you can increase resistance.

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