Training Motivation II

It is important to know why you want to reach your goal, it is as important as knowing your goal. Maybe your just doing it for your ego, maybe for the sport or for another higher goal? With the term “THAT’s WHY” you can make your goal reachable and improve planning your way to it.

Training Motivation II

That’s why!

It no must have, but this way of motivational though can improve your training. Just like the Pinup-Pics during the 2. Worldwar spur on the US-Soldiers and were used to hold up moral. This way of motivation works the same way.

The second poster behind my pull-up-bar, on the other side of the Goal-Poster, is a “Why poster”. This way I am able to look at it during my training and find new incetive to do the next step and keep up my moral.

Training Motivation Pinup

Training Motivation – Pin-Up

Women might think “Typically man, watching half naked women.” But this poster has to be looked at with a blinking eye. I have to admit it is awesome to get good reactions from the women about my strength, but my “Why” can be found on the poster “Strong Men”.

Instead of Pin-Ups I could have hung some pics of heavy stones and the dumb-bell of Thomas Inch. Why didn’t I?
Those things can’t tell you that it is awesome what you do! Yes, positiv feedback and reactions about your training let your chest grow and you walk the world with a big fat smile.

Recall your “Why” from time to time. This way you can also check on your goal, is it still up do date or do you have to adjust it.

Learn how to reach your goals!

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2 Responses to Training Motivation II

  1. Ernst 28. November 2014 at 04:54 #

    Durchaus Grenzwertig.

    • Expanderkrank 30. November 2014 at 11:56 #

      Wenn du die Pin-Ups mit Grenzwertig meinst, da hat jeder seine eigene Einstellung zu. Ich persönlich finde das Aufhängen von solchen Pin-Ups ok, wären sie noch leichter bekleidet fände ich es nicht so gut.

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