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Summer is coming!

Summer is coming…well, at least the calendar tells that summer is near. Summer means sun, park, lake, beer and BBQ – but this post is not about kicking back, drinking a beer and putting some steaks on the grill. It’s about how you can improve your body composition the best in the left 2-3 months. […]

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Bizeps Beugen Expander

How everything started – Part 1 (Wolf)

There’s a reason, that I am where I am, being as strong as I am and enjoying to move and improve my training. My story, my sport career made me what I am today…expanderkrank. I was about 7 years old when bodyweight exercises (BWE) appeared the first time in my life. Our au pair was […]

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Clapping Pull Up

The Pull-Up

The Pull-Up it THE exercise to see how strong someone is. Someone also call it the king of BWE, because you need much pull strength and a strong grip to do a good form pull-up. Because doing the same exercise form over and over can be boring, we just released a new Video 19 different variations […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

New Expander-Videos

Finally there are new Expander-Videos online! You can find them in our YouTube Playlist. Or unter the descriptions on our Homepage. Theses are the new videos: Biceps Curl Front Chest Pull Chest Press One Arm Press This is the Link to your Basic-Workout-Plan. If you have any question sent an eMail or write a comment. We’re here […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

Cold Rest

Becoming a cold is bad! Really, who likes do be ill? I don’t, because I like training so much! When I was young and unexperienced I was afraid of catching a cold. Because I thought catching a cold would ruin my training improvement. Luckily today I’m smarter. That’s why I can be relaxed when taking […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

My first time (Wolf)

Chest Expander, my 1st time Finally! My steel expander arrived on Friday, sent by Rata Zong – that monster is a dream! It weights 7,1kg and has 7 strings. And the way it is, I can’t have that baby laying around and wait for the next training session to come. I had to try it, […]

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