Regular Training

Training is important! I think everybody knows that, but how to balance training? Do everything on the weekend you are not able to do under the week? Yes and no. But let’s start at the beginning.

What does regular mean?

Regular, regularity means following a rule, following a pattern, repeating itself in a regular way.


1) workouts every two days (regularity that isn’t tied to weekdays, without any consideration of holydays)

2) one or two workouts per week (they have to be done within that week, but they are not tied to a special weekday)

3) 3 workouts in a special pattern within the week

Regular training for what?

Your body ‘gets used’ to work, it grows and adapts. If you workout regular, your body grows.

If you want to grow some muscles you will have to workout at least twice a week. These sessions should be as heavy as you can go (I recommend doing HIT or PITT), so your muscles can you the rest time to grow. Because the more you “empty” (I don’t like that term) your muscles, work them to the limit, the longer it takes to recover.

Regular Training (binding workout days) helps you keep moving. Give room to your workout, a fix date or make it a habit. And if you fix your workout time too, you will be fascinated what you are capable of! Because with a fix date and a goal you are aiming for there is very little to no space for the question “shall I workout or shall I not?”. Working out becomes a habit. And writing down your improvements keeps you motivated too.

Our Trainingslogs

Rata Zongs Tagebuch
Rata Zong is writing about his training, improvements and ideas. He only writes in german, sorry mates.

Wolfs Diary
Wolf updates his Workout-Log and he is writing down every workout he does and he did since December 2013.


Those working out regulary improve more, because they will grow strong, stay motivated and stay on track.


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