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Some of you might have already noticed, on Sandow Plus are some files missing. That’s because since the first half of this year, Sandow Plus is down. The homepage isn’t updated anymore, because sadly one of the webmasters deceased.

But Dave Gentle was so kind to put up a lot of the articles, books and pictures from Sandow Plus on his homepage.

You will find there a lot of the material from Sandow Plus and there are plans to increase the amount of free material on his homepage.

We are strong believers in learning from the old strongman and so. Because strength isn’t new!

We recommend you:

Take some time and read through the pages on Sandow Plus and David Gentles Homepage. Read about the old strongman, weightlifters and the first bodybuilders.

Sandow Plus is still in the internet, but the question is for how long will it be there? Have a look at it! I always learn something from the legendary athletes of older generations. Those performing incredible Strongman Stunts, long before supplements and enhancing drugs. If you want to learn something about strength, learn from those who walk the walk and talk the talk!


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