My Spreadshirt order arrived

A week ago I ordered something from our Spredshirt online store, it was the first time ordering anything from Spreadshirt and I was really looking forward to see the result of the hard work creating printable Logos. And because I had some prejudices, I want to share this review with you.

The first article is a black T-Shirt with grey print

The Shirt (B&C Lable) feels good and has no defects neither the material nor the seams. The print is a digital direct print. It’s very durable, but not as smooth as flex print. I can’t find any defects at the print too, so good work Spreadshirt!

T-Shirt Brust-Logo ExpanderkrankT-Shirt Brust-Logo Expanderkrank


The second article is a black Zipper with white print

The Zipper (Spreadshirt Lable) has no deflects too, neither the material nor the seams, and it feels comfortable. The flex print is smooth and brilliant, and also has no deflects. I really had my doubts about the chest print being too small, but it’s the right size.

Zipper Brust Schriftzug ExpanderkrankZipper Rücken-Logo Expanderkrank

Zipper Rücken-Logo Expanderkrank


I’m very glad everything went so well and there are no deflects. Spreadshirt really did a good job, also my bro Jakob from the Netherlands did a great job creating the Logo.

If you got any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email. I hope this little review helps you.

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  1. Admin 21. May 2013 at 17:48 #

    Nun, da ich beide Kleidungsstücke getragen habe muss ich sagen, meine erste Einschätzung bewahrheitet sich. Der Zipper ist angenehm und hält warm, der Reißverschluss hackt beim 1. und 2. Mal aber läuft dann flüssig.
    Das T-Shirt ist auch angenehm und passt gut.

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