Tabata: 4 minutes to die

Tabata: 4 minutes to die

If you hear the first time about Tabata, you probably won’t beliefe that it’s possible to lose fat within 4 minutes of training. Well, these 4 minutes won’t be easy jumping up and down. It will be high intensive Training, and you will use a many of you big muscles as you can.

It is easy to use, but first some history.

Why Tabata is that effective

It was developed by Izumi Tabata at the National Institution for Fitness and Sports in Tokyo (Japan).
He compared two groups of athletes doing cardio training. One of them doing High Intensity Training, the other High intensity Intervall Training. Izumi Tabata was able to prove multiple times that his method is convinced others. Some athletes were able to increase their VO2max (maximum Volume of Oxigen) by 14,5% !!!

Since its development Tabata is one of the beste conditioning programs.
If someone says that you can’t be able to burn as many calories within 4 minutes of Tabata as you can in 60 minutes of moderate cardio is right. But that person loses the after burn effect. Within 12-24 hours after your Tabata Training your body burns more calories than it would burn after 60 minutes of moderate cardio.

Build of Training

Tabata consists of 8 rounds. One round consists of 20 seconds all out work (exercise to the limit, you real limit not the one where you think you can’t go any further) and 10 seconds of rest, you don’t have to move during rest.

Example with sprints
20 sec sprinting (as fast as possible)
10 sec pause (you don’t have to move, but slow walking can be helpful)
repeat 7 more time for a whole of 8 rounds (4 min of Training)

Afterwards take 10-15 minutes time to recover.



10 seconds of Pause are just enough to get a gulp of water, if it is really necessary. But it is best to drink before or after the training. Use the pause to take 2-3 deep breaths, get back in position and get mentally ready for the next round.


A clock with second hand could be handy in this kind of training, but it is better to use a Tabata-Timer ( or GymBoss ( The Timer will also help you count rounds, because usually you mess up with counting rounds. I often think I’m in my 6th round, but it only is the 4th, that’s pretty tough and mentally challenging but you will grow with it!


Do a maximum of 3 tabata trainings per week. Your body needs time to recover. And don’t do tabata before your regular workout. Do it on a rest day or after your workout, because these 4 minutes will break you.


– Squat Thrust
– Mountain Climber
– Squat
– Burpee
– Sprints

– Thruster (1/4 BW is the weight you should use)
– Front Squat
– Rowing (you should be able to do 15-18 strokes per round)

The mental Side

Your scepticism will subside and after the 4th round you will have to motivate yourself to make it to the end. This is no training for mental duchebags! If you back off when things get tough, this is not for you. Unless you are willing to change!

About 1 hour after your tabata training you will feel relaxed. I like this feeling more than the one I have after 60 minutes of moderate cardio. At the beginning the muscle soreness is very present, but the body adapts to the training very quick.

After a Tabata session you don’t want to do this again, ever! But short after the training your body starts to tingle and you can’t wait for the next Tabata session to come up. I never found the right words for this kind of feeling, but I really like it!


Tabata the choice if you want to burn fat quick without any waste of time.But you have to be ready to leave your comfort zone and face a mental and physical challenge. With only 12 minutes of training per week you can lose fat incrediblly fast and you will feel much more energized. Tabata is no Wild Card for all you can eat orgies and unclean eating. If you want to go on reading about how to eat right, have a look at the article series “Diet-Search”.

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