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Ab Wheel Roll Out DIY selbstgebaut

Build an Ab Wheel

DIY – Ab Wheel Instructions What you need Lawnmower Wheel Metal Pipe, Length: 30cm, that fits into the Lawnmower Wheels Eye Isolating Foam for Pipes 2 Tube Squasher (Is this the right term? I don’t know, please let me know. It is a ring that is adjusted by a screw to tie ropes and tubes together.) […]

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DIY Paralletes Anleitung Blueprint

Build Parallettes

DIY – Parallettes Instructions What you need 10*10cm square timber, length: 100cm 35mm round timber, length: 100cm 8 wood screws Hand saw Screwdriver Time: 10-20min Cut the square timber into 4 25cm parts. All of those 4 parts need a hole on the top, so the round timber fits in it. This hole is needed to […]

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Tabata Gasmaske Fat Loss Fettabbau

Tabata: 4 minutes to die

Tabata: 4 minutes to die If you hear the first time about Tabata, you probably won’t beliefe that it’s possible to lose fat within 4 minutes of training. Well, these 4 minutes won’t be easy jumping up and down. It will be high intensive Training, and you will use a many of you big muscles as you […]

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Bizeps Beugen Expander

How everything started – Part 1 (Wolf)

There’s a reason, that I am where I am, being as strong as I am and enjoying to move and improve my training. My story, my sport career made me what I am today…expanderkrank. I was about 7 years old when bodyweight exercises (BWE) appeared the first time in my life. Our au pair was […]

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