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Slow Carb growing Paprika

Diet-Search: Slow Carb

The last articles where about different more or less known diets, reaching from the Brigitte-Diät over the Velocity Diet to Low-Carb and Paleo. This time we’ll have a look at the Slow-Carb-Diet. Right, not low but slow. Slow Carb Tim Ferriss wrote about it in his book  The 4-Hour-Body (it is not worth reading). Originally it was developed in 1990. Ferriss promises […]

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Paleo Dryaged Porterhouse Steak

Diet-Search: Paleo

The last articles were about the Brigitte-Diet, Warrior Diet, Fighter Diet, Velocity Diet and about Low-Carb. Now while we’re getting closer to the end, let’s have a look at Paleo. Paleo In the past few years Paleo got very popular. Even CrossFit encourages their members to use Paleo. Why? Because the way Paleo is constructed, it naturally cuts so called “food” […]

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Adrian van Leen nuts Low Carb

Diet-Search: Low Carb

The last articles were about Brigitte-Diet, Warrior Diet, Fighter Diet and Velocity Diet. But everyone is talking about Low Carb and how successful it is to cut carbs. Low Carb Low Carb, everybody knows about Low Carb, right? Atkins and the Ketogenic Diet, there are so many different kinds of the Low Carb Diet. And every diet I’ve already […]

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Bags of Pea and Brown Rice Protein for Velocity Diet

Diet-Search: Velocity Diet

The past articles were about the Brigitte-Diät, that helps you lose weight with structure. We also discussed the Warrior Diet and the Fighter Diet, that are based on fasting with a big dinner. This article will be about the Velocity Diet. Velocity Diet After falling back into eating normal, because of the hectic of life. A friend told me […]

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Power Quest 2 Jürgen Reis Kämpfer Diät

Diet-Search: “Fighter Diet” (Kämpfer Diät)

In the first two articles I wrote about the Brigitte-Diet and the Warrior Diet. This article is about the “Kämpfer Diät” or “Fighter Diet”, which on the first view seems to be a translation of the Warrior Diet but it’s not. Fighter Diet Who’s looking for the Warrior Diet will finde the Fighter Diet (“Kämpfer Diät”), in the german […]

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Warrior Diet Diagram Overeating Undereating

Diet-Search: Warrior Diet

the first article of my Diet-Search was about the Brigitte-Diet, it’s easy to use and does most of the work. This article is about the Warrior Diet from Ori Hoffmerker. Diet-Search: Warrior Diet About 2006 I found the Warrior Diet from Ori Hoffmerker. His view was fascinating and I was overwhelmed by the results and the […]

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