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Expander, aber warum?

Who benefits from Chest Expander Training?

Chest-Expander-Training is for everybody!   The Workaholic, who has only time for two time crunched workouts per week. He will have slow but noticeable strength increases and will be able to lose some extra pounds.   The ambitious Sportler, the chest expander will make him reach new levels, peaks in strength, conditioning and stability. It […]

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Retrospective view on 2 years of Chest Expanders

Development in numbers As I wrote in the article How everything started – Part 3, I got into Chest Expanders through Ratazong in April 2012. My skepticism became great enthusiasm. Well, skepticism is too easy…I tried to talk myself into that Ratazongs strength has come from a secret source, Chest Expanders can’t unleash such power – […]

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Expander, aber warum?

8th Poll: “Expanderkrank-Expander?”

Here are the results of our 8th poll (September-October 2013). “Would you like an Expanderkrank-Expander?” 1) Yes (81%) 2) No (19%) Now that’s an AMAZING result! More than 3/4 of our readers are interested in an Expanderkrank-Chest-Expander. We never dreamed of a result like this! Why is there no Expanderkrank-Expander? Rata Zong fret about how to get […]

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How to train with cables

How I train with Cables (Wolf)

So, how to train with chest expanders? It’s a frequently asked question. Just pull the handles apart. Is what I think. But it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Since I started training with cables I constantly improved my workouts to improve myself. You find a bunch of workouts via the Expander Menu. […]

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Different Expander

Different Chest Expander

There are several Chest Expanders on the market and we frequently get the question: Which Expander is the best? It’s a pity there are some things named chest expander that are no expanders as we understand them. To save you money and time we put this article together reviewing all available chest expanders. Different Chest […]

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