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The right Chest Expander

Finding the right Chest Expander / Strand / Cables, without proper know about Expanders, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. To save you some time that can be used for training, we put up this article to help you find the right Expander. Structure of a chest expander? The principe has been […]

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Fred Rollon, Expander Trainierender und Strongman

History of Chest Expanders

Chest Expander have been invented in the 1850s. They’re also called Cables, Strands or Springs. This kind of training is more than 2000 years old and has been used by archers all over the world. But they used their bows instead of strands. Archery that time was limited by the archers physical abilities, just like […]

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Expander, aber warum?

Chest Expander, but why?

Why train with a chest expander? It’s a question everybody brings up visiting our Homepage “Expanderkrank”, or they already brought that question up. Chest Expander Exercises are natural round movements that transfer pretty good to BWE (Bodyweight Exercises), but still got a different movement pattern than BWE and weight training. These chest expander movement patterns […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

New Expander-Videos

Finally there are new Expander-Videos online! You can find them in our YouTube Playlist. Or unter the descriptions on our Homepage. Theses are the new videos: Biceps Curl Front Chest Pull Chest Press One Arm Press This is the Link to your Basic-Workout-Plan. If you have any question sent an eMail or write a comment. We’re here […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

My first time (Wolf)

Chest Expander, my 1st time Finally! My steel expander arrived on Friday, sent by Rata Zong – that monster is a dream! It weights 7,1kg and has 7 strings. And the way it is, I can’t have that baby laying around and wait for the next training session to come. I had to try it, […]

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