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Expander, aber warum?

Chest Expander, but why?

Why train with a chest expander? It’s a question everybody brings up visiting our Homepage “Expanderkrank”, or they already brought that question up. Chest Expander Exercises are natural round movements that transfer pretty good to BWE (Bodyweight Exercises), but still got a different movement pattern than BWE and weight training. These chest expander movement patterns […]

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Front Lever Versuch 1

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming…well, at least the calendar tells that summer is near. Summer means sun, park, lake, beer and BBQ – but this post is not about kicking back, drinking a beer and putting some steaks on the grill. It’s about how you can improve your body composition the best in the left 2-3 months. […]

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Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

Cold Rest

Becoming a cold is bad! Really, who likes do be ill? I don’t, because I like training so much! When I was young and unexperienced I was afraid of catching a cold. Because I thought catching a cold would ruin my training improvement. Luckily today I’m smarter. That’s why I can be relaxed when taking […]

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