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Strandkörper, schnell abnehmen High Speed Diet HSD

Strandkörper (Deutsch)

Der Sommer ist da und dein Körper ist noch nicht ganz fit für den Strand? Hier und da sind noch 1-2 Pfund zu viel am Strandkörper? Du willst schnell abnehmen? Dem soll mit diesem Artikel geholfen werden. Es ist kein Mittel um längerfristig (länger als 4 Woche) kontrolliert abzunehmen, sonder es geht um den schnellen Erfolg. […]

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Chest Expander makes you strong

Regular Training

Training is important! I think everybody knows that, but how to balance training? Do everything on the weekend you are not able to do under the week? Yes and no. But let’s start at the beginning. What does regular mean? Regular, regularity means following a rule, following a pattern, repeating itself in a regular way. […]

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Expander vs Weights

ROM and Chest Expanders

There is a comment on our Video How to train with chest expanders (Rata Zong erklärt) that can’t be replied to within the letterscount of YouTube. So this article should answer the comment as well as help all of you who are not sure about this. Expander and ROM (Range of Motion) The comment on the Video […]

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Atemleiter, Breathing Ladder, Kettlebell, Gym Jones

Breathing Ladder: Breath free

Breathing Ladders – 10 breaths to calm down You may know Breathing Ladders as some sort of training they do at Gym Jones. Gym Jones, you know, the gym training the actors of 300, Wolverine and Superman. Breathing Ladders are ideal to increase your oxygen intake and calm down your breath in stress situations. Mark […]

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Six Sessions Burgomaster 100% increase

Six Sessions: to increase 100%

Burgomaster: Six Sessions Six Sessions is a program to increase performance for intermediate athletes, designed by Kirsten Burgomaster, Scott Hughes, George Heiligenmauser, Suzanne Bradwell und Martin Gibala and published in 2006. Based on the realization that even short high intensive sessions result in an increase of performance (81-169% within the first 2 weeks) [Burgomaster KA, […]

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Tabata Gasmaske Fat Loss Fettabbau

Tabata: 4 minutes to die

Tabata: 4 minutes to die If you hear the first time about Tabata, you probably won’t beliefe that it’s possible to lose fat within 4 minutes of training. Well, these 4 minutes won’t be easy jumping up and down. It will be high intensive Training, and you will use a many of you big muscles as you […]

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