Testosterone for everyone

If you’re interested in nutrition you probably asked yourself the question:

What’s good for me?

Simple: Everything that’s not produced.

But you can improve even more to get the most of it. I will not go as far as Mike Mahler goes and lead you into the depths of hormone optimization. But even a few tricks are enough to get back your body’s balance and keep it that way.

How to improve low testosterone?

Testosterone, every man wants it,  only a few are lucky to have good testosterone. If you now think of Ronny Coleman,  Steroids and positive Doping-Tets, I’m sorry. You can’t raise your testosterone level that much.

Effects of low testosterone

Testosterone is important, because it enables the man to experience sexuell lust (Libido) and have an erection. Testosterone also helps to keep up:

  • muscles
  • healthy bones
  • positive mood
  • physical energy

From there effects of low testosterone are spread wide:

  • defect of physical energy
  • depression
  • loss of libido
  • loss of face and bodyhair
  • change of body composition (for example: loss of muscle mass)

Men with low testosterone have increased risk of:

  • heart diseases
  • diabetes and metabolic syndrom
  • osteroporosis

Low testosterone always should be diagnosed via the physical symptom and a blood examination, which measures the testosterone level. Because we’re not looking to do a testosterone therapy, there’s no need to go to a doctor to have your blood examined.

That’s how you improve your testosterone level

  • ONLY eat organic food
  • avoid ALL fake and produced groceries
  • eat nuts
  • eat OMEGA3 fats
  • eat healthy fats, like coconut oil
  • 3-6x intense workouts per week (HIT, PITT)
  • delete all traditional cardio (2 hours of treadmill, etc)
  • 45-60 min per Workout is maximum
  • > 20 min sunlight every day (in addition you can supplement VitaminD with 2500 i.U.)
  • have sex (> 3 times a week)
  • compete (the competition will raise your testosterone production)
  • get 8-9 hours of sleep EVERY night
  • minimize stress
  • little alcohol (one beer with friends is ok, but no getting drunk every weekend)
  • get below 15 % of body fat
  • take your carbs around your workout
  • get 1-2g of protein per kg Bodyweight (the less protein you eat, the more globulin is in your blood, what disables your testosterone)
  • watch some action movies (next time you go to the cinema you choose, not your girl 🙂 )
  • fast for 16-20h per day (Your body releases more relation hormones and they increase the natural production of testosterone and muscle build.)

Call to Action

The least of you will change their habits and take care of all 19 points. I myself don’t take care of all the points, sometimes you have to cross the line, go out all night and have a good time with the boys. But like every exception use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you do the right thing and take care of most of the points and 20% of the time you can chose the way you like.

What I want you to do for the next 1-2 weeks. Take care of these 4 points. After this experiment you can chose if you want to stick to them or go back to your used habits and life-style.

  1. Cut out all produced groceries from your nutrition. This includes sugar, Limonade, Fast Food, pre cooked meals, etc
  2. Get out and  into daylight for at least 30 min every day. UPDATE: The App Human cann help you to reach this goal, because it tracks your activity outside.
  3. Sleep 8-9 hours per night.
  4. Drink no alcohol for the whole time of this experiment.

Testosteron is no matter of age, but of life-style.

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