Propeller (back)

Propeller behind the body

You have to stretch your arms sideways in a right angle to your body, the Chest Expander is pulled apart behinde your body. This starting position is like the ending position of the Back Press.

During the whole exercise the Chest Expander stays pulled apart!

Now move your arms synchron. Your right arm should go up and your left arm should go down. Until the right arm is pointing straight overhead and your left arm is pointing straight down at the ground. This is one rep. Without leaving tension, move your arms in a circular movement in the other direction. So your left arm should now be pointing up and your right arm should be pointing down.

Your arms have to be straight during the whole exercise!

The Propeller increases shoulder mobility, strength and puts a test to your grip.

To begin with this exercise, take an easy resistance and improve to your peak. I started with one spring. It is important to start as easy as possible, because this exercise is an intermediate exercise and your body has to adapt to the new kind of resistance.



Propeller hinten

Propeller back

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