This is our basis trainingsplan for chest expanders. All the exercises are split into 2 days of training and I recommend doing an off day between them.

Day A
Lateral Raise
Biceps Curl (light)
Military Press
Front Chest Pull
One Arm Press

2 Rounds

Day B
Chest Press
Overhead Downward Pull – front
Biceps Curl (heavy)
Overhead Downward Pull – back
Back Press

2 Rounds

Example 1

Monday – Day A
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Day B
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Rest Day
Sunday – Rest Day

Example 2 (recommended)
Monday – Day A
Tuesday – Abs
Wednesday – Day B
Thursday – Abs
Friday – HIIT (every month or every other month a Benchmark-Workout)
Saturday – Rest Day
Sunday – Rest Day


– all exercises are done in a row and the circle will be repeated once for a total of 2 Rounds
– the resistance should be put to maximum, exept the Biceps Curl easy (Day A), use 1 string below maximum
– the last Repetition of the 2. Round should be hold in extendet position for 3 sec
– try imploving yourself every training

For Legs you can do the Leg-Matrix or choose 2 leg exercises and do them as often as you can.

This is the Leg-Matrix:

24 Squats
12/12 Lunges
24 jumping Squats
12/12 jumping Lunges

You can do it against the clock, if you want to. My (Wolf) personal record was 1:26min @106kg Bodyweight (234lbs).

Chest Expander Workout english (click to Download PDF)

You don’t need high volume training for the chest expander, because the exercises are that intensive. Especially when training with high resistance, high volume training will lead to distraction and injury, so keep focused and use good form.

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