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You’re Welcome to my section of Chest Expander Training. Here you will find Workouts Plans I created. They’re increasing in difficulty, the first one is the easiest. 🙂

The way I train requires getting used to and maybe the plans are not for everyone, but give it a try! I’m convicted the chest expander as great potential and it develops in daily training or at least high frequent training! It’s less important how much time you spend and how many sets you do. Regularity brings success! Because the strands don’t need many sets of training.

Enough said, let’s get things rolling! First how to read the Training Plans.

For example the first plan:
Day 1 = Monday
Day 2 = Tuesday
Day 1 = Wednesday
Day 2 = Thursday

Behind the exercises are the number of sets you should do.
For example on Day 1 you should do 3 sets of Lateral Raises.
Day 1 Monday
Lateral Raise 3x

Those 3 sets are maximum repetition sets. It means you do as many reps as possible, do them in a row without rest. So the resistance should be chosen wisely. You should be able to do between 3 and 30 reps. This is only a guideline. Rest should be about 120 seconds at the beginning. You can decrease rest if you feel good and confident.
All answers should be cleared now. Have fun with the training and maximize your results!

Workout Plan 1

Day 1
Lateral Raise 3x
Military Press 3x
Back Press 3x

Day 2
Front Chest Pull 3x
Overhead Downward Pull – back 3x
One Arm Press 3x

no rest day

Workout Plan 2

Day 1
Lateral Raise 2x
Front Chest Pull 2x
Military Press 2x
Back Press 2x
Overhead Downward Pull – back 2x

Day 2
Whippet 2x
Front Chest Pull – bent over 2x
One Arm Press 2x
Chest Press 2x
Overhead Downward Pull – front 2x

no rest day

Workout Plan 3

Day 1
Back Press 3-4x
Front Chest Pull 3-4x
One Arm Press 3-4x

Day 2
Overhead Downward Pull – back 3-4x
Lateral Raise 3-4x
Military Press 3-4x

Day 3
Rest day

Workout Plan 4

Day 1
Lateral Raise
Chest Press
Overhead Downward Pull – front
do all three exercises without rest, one set per exercise

Front Chest Pull
Military Press
do all three exercises without rest, one set per exercise

Overhead Downward Pull – back
Back Press
One Arm Press
do all three exercises without rest, one set per exercise

Day 2 same as Day 1

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