Steel-Expander construction

The Expanderkrank Steel-Expander, here you learn what you will need to build yourself one of these monsters.

Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

Expanderkrank Steel-Expander

Expanderkrank Steel-Monster construction

All you need for your own Expanderkrank Steel-Expander are the Instructions and the Technical Drawings. Take those to your metalworker and get a good price for the construction. Then you got yourself some Expanderkrank Handles, fit to your height! That is important for no wearing out the steel-springs. Because they do wear out if you over stretch them and destroying our trainings equipment is not the goal of working out.

Next you will need steel-springs. You can get some old steel-springs, from DDR Chest Expanders or you mail Rata Zong (via Contact) and get some Expanderkrank steel-springs.

So now you got your Expanderkrank handles and steel-springs, the last thing you need are carbines to connect the springs to the handles. You can use the cheaper ones from your constructions store. But stay away from the crap you get at low budget/penny stores.

And now you got yourself an Expanderkrank Steel-Expander!

Files you need for construction

Functional Video

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