Different Chest Expander

There are several Chest Expanders on the market and we frequently get the question: Which Expander is the best? It’s a pity there are some things named chest expander that are no expanders as we understand them. To save you money and time we put this article together reviewing all available chest expanders.

Different Chest Expander

Elastikon (Schmidt-Sports) [~30€]

Elastikon Expander 150kg, Elastikon Chest Expander

In Germany this Expander would be your first choice. But they stopped producing it, so the Chest Expanders with good resistance (150-200kg) are rare. On eBay you can get a cheap old one (1960) and they still work pretty good, also their rubber bands are a little shorter.

Its handles are made from hard plastic and the resistance rubber bands are pretty easy to plug in and change.

It is not a problem, but the handles are thin, so you might have problems or hurt yourself while training with high resistance. It’s a pity this Chest Expander is only available in one size. Smaller athletes (<180cm) should knot the rubber bands to shorten them and get better resistance.

Cheap-Expander [from 15€]

All those cheap chest expanders that are presented on eBay and elsewhere on the internet. Most of them are not usefull. Because their handles are not round enough or too small. And most of their rubber bands don’t have half the resistance they supposed to have. And most of these chest expander are poor build.

Old Steelspring Expander [from 1€]

These old chest expanders are very good to start with springs. But their springs wear out, because they’re to short.

Lifeline [from 20$]

This is the Mercedes of chest expanders! But it’s handles are not rigid, which would be better. And it is only really variable when bought with different resistance bands, which will cost a lot of money in europe, because it’s US Import.

The Hook [from 40$]

The Hook is based on the expander principe. It has two handles with hooks, where you put in rubber tubes (no safety, so the tubes can fall off easily). The Hook can also be used for isometric training and for TRX-Style Training. So the Hook is more variable than any other strand. But like with all other Chest Expanders you can’t compare your strength with the Hook, because it can not be fit to your arm span. Also it is said that they’re not good build and the Tubes tear easily. There is a lifelong warenty, but paying post and handle every other month it won’t be cheap.

Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

Expanderkrank [~100€]

The biggest difference to all other chest expanders is the fit of the chest expander to the arm span of the athlete. Thats how we do your duty to bring back the device for competitive strand pulling. Also the handles are bigger and able to rotate, to reduce the force on the hands and increase wrist strength.

What’s about the resistance bands?

Thera Band [from 8€]

You can rape the Thera Band and use it as chest expander. But it only really works for warming up before Expander-Training. They reason is it’s resistance, it’s to low (5-10kg). That’s too little resistance, even for untrained women.

Deuser Band [~20€]

Deuser Band

This is the best choice to warm up. I use it myself to warm up before training and I recommend you start using it too. I even use it on rest days to move my muscles, but it ain’t a resistance for training (12-24kg). For bloody beginners and person being undeceive it’s a great way to start with chest expanders, because it’s cheaper than all other kinds of expander. But take care of your hands, the inside of the band is rough.


Who’s indecisive about buying a good chest expander for good money, get yourself a Deuser Band an do the exercises!

Elastikon Expanders proved to be the best cables at the moment. But the Expanderkank-Strand beat it. Because we’re not able to sell them yet you should get yourself an Elastikon Expander. Men should use the 125kg and 150kg strands. Women the 100kg strands.

All exercises we recommend doing are listed in the Expander Menu.

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7 Responses to Different Chest Expander

  1. Fatman 11. October 2013 at 13:30 #

    [Als Spam markiert von Antispam Bee | Spamgrund: Sprache]
    Nice overview, a couple of points of clarification:

    Lifeline also sells hard (rigid) plastic handles which are compatible with their chest expander cables and allow for a ‘solid’ pull. But you usually have to pay extra for these.

    Also a problem with Lifeline (in my experience) is that their “heavy” cables (green and blue, but also sometimes yellow depending on the quality, which is not consistent) are not made to fit into the plastic handles properly. So the cables will break after very little use.

    The best option I have found is using the Hook handles with Theraband tubing loops that I made myself (so they are adapted to my arm length). By making your own cables, you can have a variety of resistances and the tubing is pretty cheap in the US (but you can probably also buy surgical tubing outside the US).

    Elastikon seems very well made, but from what I read on the strandpulling board the cables are waaaaaaaaay too long to provide an effective workout.

    Ratazong’s expander is leaps and bounds above everything else. There was a company in the UK that made steel expanders to personal specifications and organized competitions, but they are, sadly, out of business.

    • Expanderkrank 14. October 2013 at 19:48 #

      Hey Fatman!
      Thanks for the addition about Lifeline rigid handles.
      How do you connect the two ends of the Theraband Tube? Sounds like a good option.
      As written, Elastikon Expander are long, but for people being over 1,80m high they work good and give enough resistance for a good workout, if using the 150 oder 200kg Version.
      Do you remember the name of that company? Would be great to connect to someone of them!

  2. Joachim 22. October 2013 at 09:08 #


    habt Ihr schon einen Zeithorízont, bis wann Ihr Euern Expander auf den Markt bringt?

    Grüße, Jo

    • Expanderkrank 23. October 2013 at 13:32 #

      Geplant ist der Expander für 2014, näheres Anfang November.

      • Joachim 24. October 2013 at 15:23 #

        Super. Danke.

  3. jic 10. November 2013 at 14:59 #

    [Als Spam markiert von Antispam Bee | Spamgrund: Server IP]
    I just bought my first Elastikon (5x15kg), and the length hasn’t been an issue for me (I’m about 6’3″ (1.9m)). In fact, I find it better for bicep curls than the Lifeline expander, which is a little too short. I was surprised and pleased to find that the resistance for the Elastikon is provided by bungee cords, instead of the usual tubing. It always seemed to me that bungees would be great for chest expanders, but no other manufacturer seems to use them.

    Since you didn’t mention them, have you ever tried the Samson Cable Set, or the IronMind Fabled Cables? I haven’t tried them myself, but they are often mentioned as ‘serious’ chest expanders.

    • Expanderkrank 18. November 2013 at 19:00 #

      Hey Joshua,
      Bungees are better than tubing, but springs are best.
      The Samson Cable Set is too expensive and the resistance is not enough to build a strong body, so you need some extra bands. Also the handles are likely to open up themselves while pressing.
      The IronMind Cables are just expensive Deuser Bands oder Power Bands. You would need 20 of them to get enough resistance for a good back press
      Elastikon Expanders are the best choice at the moment.

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