Who benefits from Chest Expander Training?

Chest-Expander-Training is for everybody!


The Workaholic,

who has only time for two time crunched workouts per week. He will have slow but noticeable strength increases and will be able to lose some extra pounds.


The ambitious Sportler,

the chest expander will make him reach new levels, peaks in strength, conditioning and stability. It is also possible that he will grow muscles where he “never” had some.


The Strongman,

he will be able to train new angles with the chest expander and conquer his weaknesses. His arms, shoulders and back will become more resistible.


The Power-Lifter,

because he will become better at his weak points and become stronger because of the new angles. He will even be able to improve his bench PR with chest expander work.


The Bodybuilder,

he will become the long wished round shoulders, he has been working for for so long. Also his upper back and triceps may increase.


The Climber/Boulder,

his strength and conditioning in the upper back and the stability and safety in shoulder, arms and grip will increase.


The Desktop-Athlet,

who is sitting all day long. The chest expander will strengthen his back, prevent tenseness and back pain and will be able to work more efficient and longer.


Your Wife,

because finally she is doing something against the back pain, her huge breasts cause. And she will be happy because her arms will get back into shape and the shopping bags will become light as a feather.



Chest Expander ready – set – GO!


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