How everything started – Part 3 (Wolf)

The first part of this trilogy was about how I started psychical training. The second part was about my way through sports and the things I’ve learned there. This third and last part is about the last 6 years of training.

I stated changing the way I trained because of the move to Cologne, Arnolds book “Bodybuilding for Men” and regain of the Fighter-Fitness-Forum (FFF). I started training days A & B from Arnolds book on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesday and Thursday I did the BWE-Basic-workout from the FFF.

When I started doing JKD (Jeet Kune Do), three times a week, I had to cut down my volume of training. But I wasn’t satisfied and though my body could take more than that. That’s why I started doing BWe-Circles again and added some HIIT-Rope-Skipping in the morning (10min 30s/30s Intervals). BWE-Training payed off and HIIT gave some extra spring to my JKD-Training, but I was still not satisfied. So I started doing Yoga, cause you wanna be flexible for fighting. Yoga was ok, but I quit it for not being efficient enough, it took to much time.

I’m the lucky one, cause Björn Friedrich from Fighter Fitness was selling a Kettleblel-Bundle (DVD and 16kg Kettlebell), I immediately bought it. That’s when I realized how much 16kg can be! but the Kettlebell has been the best addition to my training so far. Until then my training only included BWE and fighting stuff. I took my time learning the proper Swing and the other Basic-Exercises and BWE performance became better and better. I think these two work great together because BWE almost only trains the front of the body (yeah except the Pull-/Chin Up and the Body Row) and Kettlebell-Work trains almost only the back of the body.

Over time the Kettlebell was not the only trainings equipment, I bought a Rowing Machine, build a Sandsack (77kg) and a Bulgarian Bag (22kg). That time I was convinced everything I did was right. Looking back only the Kettlebell and the Rowing Machine were appropriate. The Sandsack has been replaced by two 32kg Kettlebells and they even replaced the Bulgarian Bag.

Because of moving again I needed to sell some of my trainings-equipment and I only kept the most important stuff: Pull Up bar, Rings, Kettlebell (16kg and 24kg were put into the cellar). But I always want to try out a chest expander and that time Ratazong convinced me – I bought a 150kg Elastikon Expander.

After 2 months of Expander-Work

July 2012 – After 2 months of Expander-Work

The chest expander increased my BWE-performances within a few weeks. My backpain when sitting a long time disappeared, too. When starting chest expander training I simply did all exercises in a row once a week. But then Ratazong an I created our Basic-Workout, and since August 2012 I use the Basic-Workout in my training and continuously improve in reps and strength (over time we improved the Basic-Workout to get the most out of it).

In January 2013 finally my baby arrived – the steel-expander (weight 7,1kg). Since that day I train with it.

When I’m looking back how I started strandpulling a year ago: INCREDIBLE! My improvements are severe! Fantastic how well rounded chest expander training can be! I know it’s not only strands, but also our exercises selection that works very good together – there are no misbalances! In the last year my triceps got huge, because the chest expander trains it from every angle. But also my shoulders are well rounded bowling balls, and my back is wide and is like body armor.

How will the future look like?

I will continue my chest expander training twice a week. In addition I will be doing some power rack work every other week as time allows it (mostly Deadlift, Bench Press, Squat). And because I’m planning to take place in the Tough Mudder Race next year, I will do some running and conditioning (HIIT or Tabata) work about one to two times a week.

Also I will be doing acrobatics once or twice a week, as long as the weather is fine.

What’s the bottom line?

1) I always improved, but the chest expander and our philosophy have been a huge milestone.
2) Move Ya! – everyday
3) Your imagination is your limit! (yep, Bruce Lee inspired)

These are some pics on how my body developed since 2008. It’s a 10kg weight difference (from 95kg in 2008 to 105kg in 2013).

2008 Als ich nur BWE und Kampfkunst gemacht habe. Der Rücken konnte sich nicht so gut entwickeln wie mit dem Expander.

2008 – My back wasn’t developed as well as it is now.

16.07.2013 Mein Rücken ist schön breit geworden, dank des Expanders.

16.07.2013 – My wide back, thanks to Strands

2008 Als ich nur BWE und Kampfkunst gemacht habe. Richtig dürr im Gegensatz zu jetzt.

2008 – I was “skinny” compared to now

16.07.2013 Die Front kann sich sehen lassen.

16.07.2013 – That’s how a strong Front looks like!

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