How I train with Cables (Wolf)

So, how to train with chest expanders? It’s a frequently asked question. Just pull the handles apart. Is what I think. But it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Since I started training with cables I constantly improved my workouts to improve myself.

You find a bunch of workouts via the Expander Menu. But how do you use them? I train with cables since May 2012 and I use the Basic Workout. There are several reasons I still use the Basic Workout. First I only have two workout days a week and second I didn’t reach a plateau since beginning expander training. I’d change my workout when I reach a plateau, but while I’m improving there is no need to.

Never change a winning team!

In addition to the Cable Workouts A and B I do some grip-strength using the Woody-Gripper and a circle of ab and core exercises. Everything finishes with a combination of Pistol-Squats and One Arm Swings to challenge my legs. This rounds up the workout days to Whole Body Workouts.

Stahl Expander, Steel Chest Expander

Expanderkrank Steel-Expander w/ 7 springs

How do I train and why?

After constructing the Basic-Workout in June 2012 I constantly improved the workout. After a half year of training with the first Basic Workout I switched Overhead Press and Back Press. Because I thought and still think, I can improve better this way, because I use different angles.

Because I train this way, I train all my upper-body muscles or even move them. The focus of Day A are the shoulders and triceps and on Day B it’s the upper back.

The philosophy is, 2 days of training per week are enough (like HIT), the 3. training day is to have some fun (that’s why it’s left free to do what ever you want). And the days between workouts are to lose weight via Tabata and playing around (Tabletennis, Footy, etc.). But 2 Tabata Workouts per week are enough, because the chest expander workouts shouldn’t suffer! My body needs the weekend to recover, so I take a lot of sleep and eat well and clean.

How I train with Cables?

The Basic-Workout doesn’t use sets, but rounds to give the muscle time to recover.

Within the first round of cable work I try to do half of the reps done in the last workout. Between exercises I reduce rest to the minimum.

The training changes a little bit in the second round. First you should do as many repetitions as possible in one set and then take 2-3 breaths and do the rest of the reps (a maximum of 2). Only the second of these reps should use the anyhow position (no matter how you do the rep, as long as you do it). The rest can be stretched to a maximum of 20sec.

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Some numbers

If I was able to perform 15 reps within 2 rounds the last time I did the exercise. I try to go now for 16 reps, 8 reps in the first, and 8 reps in the second round.

Training Rules

1) The form HAS TO BE GOOD!

2) Using the “anyhow” Position (forced repetitions) is only an option in the last round to get the last 1 or 2 reps!

3) Expander-Training is priority No.1! If you ain’t got much time, cut everything else, but do your cable work!

4) If you can’t get any improvement over three weeks, reduce resistance and go for a higher repetition count (40 or 50 within 2 Rounds).

Increase resistance of only one exercises at a time!

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  1. Benjamin 9. May 2014 at 15:04 #


    bescheidene Frage: kann man diesen bzw. so einen Expander mit 7 Federn über Euch erwerben ? Ich suche schon ewig nach einem Expander mit mehr als 5 Seilen bzw. Federn, aber immer vergeblich !

    Könnt Ihr mir da eventuell helfen ?

    Danke für ein kurzes Feedback !

    • Expanderkrank 10. May 2014 at 14:00 #

      Hey Benjamin,
      ja, alles was über 5 Federn oder 100kg Zugkraft geht ist schwer erhältlich…leider.
      Wir werden die technischen Zeichnungen für den Expander im Laufe dieses Jahres veröffentlichen (siehe hier: Wenn du nicht mehr so lang warten willst, schreib uns eine E-Mail ( info [AT] expanderkrank [DOT] de ).

      Sportlicher Gruß,

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