Wolfs Diary II

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The weeks pass by and my finals are getting closer. How about my training? I think it’s time for the second entry!

Bodyfat reduction

1) Training

The learning and the finals let the stress rise, I’m more delicate to catch a cold and from time to time completely unmotivated for big workouts. I did my Chest Expander Workout from several times, but without the goal to improve my reps.

I also quit the Powerlifting for this time, it would be too much.

In the past 2 weeks I only did Kettlebell ladder work:

1-5, 1-7, 1-10

32kg Swing & 32kg Jerk

Yes, both of them in one workout. 1 Swing Left, 1 Jerk Left, 1 Swing Right, 1 Jerk Right, up to 10 Swings Left, 10 Jerks Left and 10 Swings Right, 10 Jerk Right.

I chose those exercises, because they work almost the whole body. The idea was to work my whole body within less time, while trying to maintain muscle mass.

2) Nutrition

I planned on doing my meal plan as I usually do. But it worked out differently, because from time to time I had to force myself to eat. That’s because of the stress. Usually I just had some low-fat quark with Banana and Water in the mixer. Cause that Shake goes down even when not hungry. So, I had not enough nutrition, but enough protein to maintain muscle mass.

3) Reflexion

It was a hard time and nothing went the way I planned it, but I was able to reduce bodyfat and it looks like I maintained my muscle mass and strength. So everything went well. I would say, I did the best from the situation.

4) Prospect

I’ll get back into training when I’m 100% fit again, same as before, 2 days Chest-Expander, 2 days Core and Legs, 1 day Powerlifting. I’m also carving to boulder again, so I will have to make some free time for it.

I’m not looking to get stronger until July, just maintain strength and muscle mass. Maybe I’ll be able to reduce my bodyfat further, would be great because I feel awesome!


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