Circle-Training: One More Round

Circle-Training: Get fitter every round

Who dosen’t know about it from School – the good old Circle-Training!

One of the oldest methods to train your cardio and muscles, burn fat and shape your body.

Especially in the dark season of the year many weekend-athletes want to train their cardio at home or start in the next year without the few pounds of extra weight you may gained over the x-mss days. Many people try it with traditional cardio, but there’s a better way to do this: Circle-Training

Why you will improve

Zirkel-Training Circle


If the load stays underneath a individual threshold value (20-30 % of your individual maximum loading), the positive adaption are not triggered.

Load, fatigue and relaxation should not be looked at as separate phenomena of training, because they form a fine structure of action.

During relaxation the energy reservoirs are not only refilled, overcompensation builds energy potential that’s higher than the original energy potential. This overcompensation is a kind of stock, because the body is building a higher performance quality that helps him to cope with future loadings more economical.

Because of the adaption of the energy potential the threshold value moves up every training.

To achieve a constant improvement of performance the trainings appeal needs to be risen step by step from training to training. That way you’ll be under constant pressure to get better. But it also motivates, to feel the direct performance increase.


Circle-Training has so many sides and you can use your phantasy to create more and more workouts. Circle-Training consists of power-exercises (Pull Up, Push Up, Squat, Core-Work, etc) and cardio-exercises (cycling, swimming, running, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Swings, etc.).

The circle-training should take about 10-30 minutes and consist of a minimum of two exercises, that will be done in rounds.

To challenge your body as hard as possible you should do one exercise for your upper body and one exercises for your lower body. The muscles you use, the better.

You can control, increase and decrease intensity via reps, time, rounds and exercises.

Don’t take a rest during your workout! It’s ok to take 1-2 breaths between exercises, but that unfinished rest should be everything you do.

Example Workouts

3 Pull Up
5 Push Up
10 Squat
10 Rounds for time

max Push Up
max Pull Up
max Squat
max Leg Raises
400m Running / 1km Cycling / 50m Swimming
3 Rounds

30 sec each
Jumping Jack
Push Up
High Knee Presses
5 Rounds

Example Workout-Video

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